Polar Vortex? That means SAVINGS!

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Photo by Flickr user mikefranklinMost of the country spent last night below freezing – and in Minneapolis we may not have set a record for cold when we bottomed out at -23F this morning but we wanted to let you know that we survived the worst freeze we’ve had in a decade by giving you the opportunity to take 23% off your next order!

If all you’re looking for is a simple 4×6 from one of our athletic events in the last two years you can get free USPS shipping with the code! The best part: there is no limit to the number of times you, or anyone else, can use the code! Between today and January 15 enter “COLDSAVINGS” at check out and get 23% off all orders – Digital Downloads or Reprints.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about the process or if the game you are looking for is not on our Photo Shelter page – we will do our best to get them uploaded as quickly as possible.

And, as an added incentive, if we get 100 orders in the next eight days we will extend the offer through the end of January AND pick one lucky individual from the orders in January to get a $100 gift certificate off any order in the future.
And if we get 200 orders between now and January 31 everyone will receive a $5 coupon code they can use at any time in the future – or share with a friend.

Thanks to you we had an incredibly successful 2013 and we want to share that success with you.

From the entire family at d3photography.com I thank you for your patronage.

Ryan Coleman
Publisher, d3photography.com
Twitter: @d3photography

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Are you kidding me, again?!

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Ok, so umpires are fallible. Now matter how much we like them when the calls go our way they are still fallible.

But the first tilt between No. 25 Wisc.-Stevens Point and Saint John’s was a complete disaster.

First off – the bases were loaded in the 5th (I would use player names here but I was shooting and the box score is not online yet). Two outs. A hot chopper was hit to third, the third baseman for Stevens Point did not have control of the ball and dove in to third to tag the bag to force the third out of the inning… but he either missed or was too late. The Johnnie runner overran third. The runner that was on third to start the at bat crosses home, the runner is then tagged out at third. The umpires disallowed the run. The inning ends in a 5-5 tie. (continue reading…)

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Metrodome College Baseball – The End of an Era

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Panoramic image by Ryan Coleman, d3photography.com

The HHH Metrodome on the evening of March 2, 2013.

Right now it’s 7:30, it’s 25° outside and there’s more than seven inches of snow (and sitll coming down) on the ground outside the HHH Metrodome. Inside? 85 and sunny. And that’s just at field level – in the seats it can feel much, much warmer. Concordia University (Minn.) and Jamestown (N.D.) are just getting started with a pair of 7-inning games. Yes, the first pitch was 2am.

We have this fortunate thing here in Minnesota called the Metrodome. It gives schools and conferences the ability to play a full collegiate season without having to cram 40 games into a 60-day schedule (not impossible but very, very hectic). It used to mean games going on 24/7 inside the warm (continue reading…)

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The Many Faces of Glenn Caruso

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We realized very early in the season (before the end of their first game of the year) that St. Thomas’ head coach Glenn Caruso would be an interesting character to cover. Nevermind the fact that we’ve seen him coach every single year he’s been in Minnesota (two years at Macalester before taking over the Tommies) and we know how animated (continue reading…)

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Growing our Network

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We’ve been here and there for the last year, and our main photographers have been off doing other fun things for the last year but we’ve returned.

And it’s been well over a year since we last blogged. We’re sorry. We will work on that, I promise.

But here’s the reason I’m here today: We want to grow our network. We’re looking for skilled, experienced photographers who want to increase the traffic their galleries get and be able to have their work shown on the largest Division III sports network in the country: D3sports.com. We also have limited agreements with CollegeHockeyNews.com (Div I Men’s) and USCHO.com (Div I Women’s).

We are looking for two types of photographers:

  1. Photographers that cover specific schools/sports
  2. Photographers that will cover anything in their region

For the first time in our 10 years of covering athletic events we’ve moved our resale off our servers and over to Photo Shelter where we have a 1TB storage limit to accommodate fulfillment and distribution but we have also changed our main photo website to link to other people’s websites. If you have a distribution site of your own that you’d like us to link to all you need to do is send us your game proofs.
We have a few expectations:

  1. Submit news photos to our media partners in a timely manner (within a few hours of the completion of your event) for possible inclusion to their website. Each partner site has different requirements for image sizes and we will provide that to you.
  2. Upload your proof images to our FTP server so we can put them into the large catalog. Right now we have over 600,000 photos from the last nine seasons available for our media partners to utilize in their stories.
    • If we are linking to you we want proof images 2000 pixels wide/tall
    • If we are distributing your work for you proofs should be 1500 pixels wide/tall
  3. If we are doing your distribution you will receive a second FTP account to upload directly to Photo Shelter.

We have one other requirement: File names and folder names should be in the following format: YYMMDD-HOME-AWAY[-team] with the file name having a 3- or 4-digit numerical extension. We highly recommend that you also utilize the IPTC data storage on your images with captions, keywords, contact and credit information. If we are handling your distribution we will supply you with a base file to work with where you can change your game-related information as needed.

We are a Photo Mechanic shop and can provide assistance with that and BreezeBrowser Pro in addition to using FileZilla for handling all FTP needs.

So… Now that we have that out of the way we’ve recently added Sabbyshots.com and OhioSI.com to our distribution network and picked up Eric Kelley from north central Indiana but we are always looking for more of you. We’ll work with you to get the kinks worked out (and you can even upload your library from this school year in all sports). We don’t have needs for all sports but we welcome any events you want to cover (Volleyball, Tennis, Cross Country, Wrestling, Lacrosse, etc.). We will run your credit as you wish to have it printed (within reason) and we will also go to bat on your behalf over any copyright infringement. All we will do is take 40% of your sales after costs are factored in to cover our expenses and time and we will even pay you via PayPal for large orders within 48 hours and the rest at the close of each quarter.

Markets we have covered a bit at the moment:

  • Minneapolis/Saint Paul
  • Los Angeles
  • South Bend/North Central Indiana
  • Central Michigan

But we want to grow. We want to have to spend more time than we have on the weekends and week nights processing your photos than we can afford to – but this is to make us all happy, right?

If you’re a novice photographer we do ask that you let us know in advance. We will help you in whatever manner we can with the rules, expectations, requirements while at the event and even get you in touch with the SIDs that you need to speak with to gain access to the site(s).

We would like to expand into the following regions as quickly as possible:

  • Chicago
  • Seattle
  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Washington, DC
  • New York City
  • Upstate NY
  • Texas — all regions
  • Western Massachusetts
  • Boston
  • Ohio
  • Southwestern Virginia (Roanoke/Bridgewater and possibly Greensboro)
  • Any city with a Division I hockey program
  • We’re also looking for Basketball and Baseball photographers

Our network of experienced photographers have covered hockey, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, football (pro and college), basketball, soccer, tennis, cross-country, wrestling, swimming and diving, softball and track and field – just to name a few – and can help you get started covering an event. We’ve shot in many venues but a lot of schools have put time and money into improving their venues for the fans and the media over the past few years so what we remember the venues as may not longer be the case.

If I haven’t scared you away already please feel free to send us an email to newshooter@d3photography.com. Be sure you include your name, region, schools you know in the area, sports you’ve covered, the gear you own (this will give us an idea of what types of sports and venues you can work in), a link to your work and an idea of the experience you have in the field.

Please, we ask that player parents not contact us unless you have an interest in covering other sports. Also our needs on game day are relatively limited: We like uncropped, untouched photos as proofs ASAP. Sharpening is OK by us – as long as the image isn’t over sharpened) and you can do touch-up work in post-production. Our staff photographers submit their work within a few hours of the completion of the game and do their color correction work on the final product. If you must crop please be considerate of the end user’s possible interests in getting prints. They should be 4×6 in format and leave a fair amount of space for their wants. We tend to not do any cropping to our work and hope you feel that same way.

Thank you,
Ryan Coleman
Publisher, d3photography.com

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Safe or out? You tell us

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Safe or out?Watching the Yankees-Rangers game on ESPN right now seeing Gary Pettis’ ejection over a close call at first (I think the umps were right) reminds me of today’s St. Thomas/Gustavus matchup. Cody Sukalski hit a slow chopper to second and I put the photo in our gallery of his foot on the bag with Firstbaseman John Means’ foot on the bag, stretched out and the ball is still at least two feet away from making contact. [box score: play-by-play]

He was called out. It won’t change the outcome of the game by any means now – it wasn’t the last play of the game with the bases loaded and Gustavus wasn’t even threatening. But check out the photo.

Umpires are fallible. Mistakes happen. Close calls are forgivable, but this one wasn’t. Close that is.

As photographers we’re all about the freeze-frame. That single snapshot (pun intended) that defines a moment and this was one of them.

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Playoffs?! Playoffs?! …

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Concordia-Moorhead celebrates their victory over Carleton in PKs in the MIAC Women's Soccer Championship game. Photo by Katrina Styx, d3photography.com

Tonight marks the start of the NCAA Division III soccer playoffs. and the first game kicks off with a men’s match at 5 pm Eastern tonight between Transylvania and Lynchburg, and a women’s match at 8 pm ET (5pm Pacific) between Redlands and Chapman.

We’ll have our best soccer playoff coverage to date with six photographers confirmed for matches around the country:

  1. Joe Bergman is covering the SCIAC tournament, starting with the Redlands/Chapman tilt tonight and the winner at Cal Lutheran on Saturday
  2. Jeffrey Levy will be at the TCNJ regional
  3. Daryl Tessmann will be at the UW-Whitewater regional on Saturday
  4. Larry Radloff will be at the UW-Oshkosh regional
  5. Scott Pierson will be covering the Macalester regional victors on Saturday
  6. I will be at UW-Whitewater for the match between the Saturday victors.

We’ll also have some football covered this weekend with Matt Milless at the CORTACA game (Cortland State vs. Ithaca), Joe will be at the Occidental / Cal Lutheran game on Saturday, too, and I will be at the Monon Bell rivalry game between Wabash College and DePauw University – the 117th matchup between these two teams in the oldest football rivalry game in the Midwest.

Basketball, around the corner

Basketball season is right around the corner. November 15 is the earliest day the NCAA allows Division III teams to schedule a regular season game (they can play up to two scrimmages prior – often against teams from other divisions). This will make the number of sports we have coverage for in a news environment to twelve.

  1. Men’s Basketball
  2. Women’s Basketball
  3. Men’s Soccer*
  4. Women’s Soccer*
  5. Football*
  6. Div I Men’s Ice Hockey
  7. Div I Women’s Ice Hockey
  8. Div III Men’s Ice Hockey
  9. Div III Women’s Ice Hockey
  10. Wrestling
  11. Men’s Swimming & Diving
  12. Women’s Swimming & Diving

* denotes fall sports in playoffs

Wow, that’s a lot. And the baseball season starts in February. We will be working the Division III Men’s Frozen Four at Ridder Arena in Minneapolis for USCHO, the Division I Men’s Frozen Four at the XCel Energy Center in April for CollegeHockeyNews.com, the early rounds of the Div III men’s and women’s basketball playoffs for D3hoops.com, the Stagg Bowl for D3football.com and the men’s and women’s soccer championships for D3soccer.com in December. A busy few months ahead for us, including the MIAC Swimming and Diving Championship and a few other conference meets that we’re going to try and finalize the next few months.

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Week 5 – All over the place!

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We’re all over the place this week.

Well, not really, but we’re really busy. And another blog to come covering rivalry games and the interest things seen on the sidelines and in the games, the drama that makes them all the more fun (some coverage in this week’s D3football Around the Nation podcast).

No. 19 St. John’s hosts No. 4 St. Thomas – Photos by Ryan Coleman, Scott Pierson, Tim Ward and Greg Kremer. And possibly a guest appearance from Pat Coleman of D3football.com (in video interviews below)

No. 2 Mount Union hosts No. 8 Ohio Northern – David Rich
Redlands hosts No. 23 Cal Lutheran in a night game – Joe Bergman
Methodist hosts Maryville (Tenn.)  – Bruce Lee
Wisc.-Oshkosh hosts Wisc.-La Crosse in a night game – Larry Radloff

St. Thomas hosts No. 15 Wisc.-Whitewater, Men’s – Caleb Williams
Methodist hosts Shenendoah, Men’s – Bruce Lee
Wisc-Oshkosh hosts N0. 10 Wisc.-Stevens Point, Women’s [gallery] – Larry Radloff
Bethel hosts Concordia-Moorhead, Men’s [gallery] – Ryan Coleman
Bethel hosts No. 19 Concordia-Moorhead, Women’s [gallery] – Ryan Coleman
Macalester hosts Carleton, Men’s [gallery] – Ryan Coleman
Augsburg hosts St. Olaf, Men’s [gallery] – Ryan Coleman

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