Dinkytown Skirmish

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It wasn’t a riot.


But it could have been.

The Gopher fans have a history of supporting their hockey team in the championship. They rioted in 2002 and 2003. I was living just off campus in 2003 and decided to stay home. I regretted that, as a photojournalist, ever since. This year as I was leaving the pub I go to every Thursday evening, where I witnessed 40-some people erupt in jubilation when Justin Holl scored the game-winning goal with 0.6 remaining, I saw a number of police vehicles with their lights on heading towards Dinkytown.

I made the decision, around 9:45pm, to head to campus, park somewhere “safe” and head into the danger zone to document the event.

The police were civil, the students… unruly. While it never escalated into what I would call a riot there were a dozen or so that climbed up on top of a squad car and chanted “USA” until a half-dozen of Minneapolis finest fired off bean bag rounds to disperse the students and take back the vehicle.

IMG_1016There were about 200 students in the street when I arrived at 4th Avenue SE and 14th Street SE around 10:00pm. By 10:30pm the police had established a perimeter, redirecting traffic and allowing the students to celebrate. Around 10:45pm the crowd grew to twice that size, with some revelers climbing the stop light outside of Goldy’s Locker Room.


By 11:00pm, however, the students were throwing water bottles, firing of bottle rockets and even threw beer and liquor bottles at the police line.

A Minneapolis Police sergeant got on the bull horn at 11:06pm and informed the revelers it was an unlawful gathering and I overheard one officer state that they were waiting for “word from command to clear the streets.”


Chants of “USA”, “Fuck the Sioux” and “We hate Iowa” came from the group gathered. Students were crowd surfing, more bottles were thrown and nine members of, I believe, Minneapolis’ riot squad had arrived on the scene in an armored vehicle waiting for orders to disengage the party.

One of the local news outlet’s videographers said he had been hit with pepper spray and even arrested during the RNC riots in 2008 but added that “they [the police] are much better prepared, trained and very calm” with the students approaching them. Many were chanting the same statements as earlier, a few were taking photos up close of the officers on the scene (which at this point numbered more than 50) and a few, even, went as far as to pose for selfies.

As they started to push the line through the intersection the MPD PIO came over to me and two camera operators and told us to move out of the way and directed us down 14th towards the retaining line. As they swept through the intersection and arrested a few revelers I decided it was my time to get out of dodge.

On the way out I found the garbage can ablaze that you can see at the top of this post.

Regardless of Saturday’s outcome I fear the worst for Dinkytown. I will be there, with my press credential and gear, but also a bottle of water and (in the car) a change of clothes. University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler sent an email to the entire campus yesterday, before the game on Thursday night, stating that there would be zero tolerance for “destructive behavior”.

There will be 300 officers in Dinkytown on Saturday, regardless of the outcome of the game.

Media Coverage
Pioneer Press Star Tribune


140410-Riots at UMN – Images by d3photography.com

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Weather weather everywhere

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Sunset over Woodbury

The clouds light up purple after I returned home to Woodbury.

I was stranded in Uptown late yesterday afternoon… well, not exactly stranded – I’ve been working on the website for Caffetto and it made more sense to me to work on it in their store than at home and I can hang out with some friends while I’m at it.

The Twin Cities were hit by a few pretty wicked storms between 4pm and 7pm yesterday. And Caffetto is located halfway up a hill that’s a fairly prone to flooding.

I knew that the storm was coming and I had a thought that I might have gear in my car to shoot with. It turns out that I did indeed still have my 40D in the car, with a 75-300 and 200-400 lens, a few batteries and cards. Jackpot!

Over the course of the next 2.5 hours I took over 400 photos, 142 of which landed on my Facebook and Flickr pages.

We’ve got another storm coming in but this time I am at home.  I am thinking I should, though, run to my car and grab the entire bag of gear I have there and bringing it back up to my 3rd-floor west-facing apartment… just in case.

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W00tstock 2.3: The Holiday Special (the first 3 scenes)

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Monday evening marked the fourth installment of the W00tstock franchise’s sequel. You may have seen my earlier post about this show and subsequent postings up of videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

Today I am going to attempt to do this all in order. As I am writing this the last piece (a 24minute, 11second routine by Tim Bedore — a Minnesotan by transplant and marriage) is uploading to Vimeo, sucking up 1.05GB of the 1.1GB remaining in my weekly upload cap. Bugger.

And YouTube only allows 10 minutes in source length… So the opening sequence (which was 11min, 50sec) was chopped into two… before and during Wil’s lesson to us all on the fine art of Creative Commons licenses and the physics of superheroes.

(continue reading…)

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We will post more than sports.

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I was at W00tstock 2.3 last night at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis and shot a lot of video (how much? About 70GB – at 4GB per 15 minutes!) I’ve uploaded some to Vimeo and YouTube already.

Adam Savage singing “I Will Survive” as Gollum from Lord of the Rings fame is on YouTube:

Adam Savage’s (nearly) complete set on Monday night: 28 minutes long!

Adam Savage at W00tstock 2.3 (Minneapolis) from d3photography.com on Vimeo.

I will add to this as the videos are available on Vimeo and YouTube!

You can also see photos on the Flickr pool for this show!

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