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What really goes into the galleries we post?

by on Jun.05, 2010, under How it's done

This weekend Dave Kisor turned to me and told me that he was really impressed with all the work we put into the College World Series… and by “we” he meant Pat Coleman, Jim Dixon (both of D3sports.com) and Larry Radloff and myself (for d3photography.com). He also mentioned that he used to just look at the photo galleries and like the photos he saw, but never knew how much goes into a game from start to finish.

He suggested we post a video of what it takes to do the work, I figured I’d make it easier on you to follow by posting it here on the blog.

This was our Saturday, and there might be a few omissions or errors in what I report so please bear with me.

1:00 AM: Return to hotel from Friday games. Start editing the games from the previous day
3:00: Put the computer away and fall asleep
6:30: Wake up and finish editing job for schools that are expecting DVDs of images that morning.
8:30: Roll out of bed after falling back asleep and get ready for the next day.

9:05: Arrive at the Fox Cities Stadium, unload the gear out of the car and meet Larry Radloff in the press box.
9:45: Larry starts shooting the warmups of the first game. I continue to set up my equipment in the press box.
10:15: I continue editing those games from 1AM and 6:30 this morning.
~12:45: Game 1 finishes, I’ve finished the editing and DVD burning and labeling of the games from yesterday. Starting to upload them to the server. (continue reading…)

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