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Weather weather everywhere

by on Jun.26, 2010, under non-sports, Personal posts

Sunset over Woodbury

The clouds light up purple after I returned home to Woodbury.

I was stranded in Uptown late yesterday afternoon… well, not exactly stranded – I’ve been working on the website for Caffetto and it made more sense to me to work on it in their store than at home and I can hang out with some friends while I’m at it.

The Twin Cities were hit by a few pretty wicked storms between 4pm and 7pm yesterday. And Caffetto is located halfway up a hill that’s a fairly prone to flooding.

I knew that the storm was coming and I had a thought that I might have gear in my car to shoot with. It turns out that I did indeed still have my 40D in the car, with a 75-300 and 200-400 lens, a few batteries and cards. Jackpot!

Over the course of the next 2.5 hours I took over 400 photos, 142 of which landed on my Facebook and Flickr pages.

We’ve got another storm coming in but this time I am at home.  I am thinking I should, though, run to my car and grab the entire bag of gear I have there and bringing it back up to my 3rd-floor west-facing apartment… just in case.

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W00tstock 2.3: The Holiday Special (the first 3 scenes)

by on Jun.09, 2010, under non-sports, Personal posts

Monday evening marked the fourth installment of the W00tstock franchise’s sequel. You may have seen my earlier post about this show and subsequent postings up of videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

Today I am going to attempt to do this all in order. As I am writing this the last piece (a 24minute, 11second routine by Tim Bedore — a Minnesotan by transplant and marriage) is uploading to Vimeo, sucking up 1.05GB of the 1.1GB remaining in my weekly upload cap. Bugger.

And YouTube only allows 10 minutes in source length… So the opening sequence (which was 11min, 50sec) was chopped into two… before and during Wil’s lesson to us all on the fine art of Creative Commons licenses and the physics of superheroes.

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